About Lira

Lira is the Dutch collective management organization (CMO) for (screen)writers, translators and freelance journalists. Lira represents about 13,000 affiliated Dutch writers. Lira collects and distributes remunerations for the exploitation and (re)use of literary and audio-visual works of writers, e.g. for public lending right, private copying, the distribution of audio-visual works on television and radio and reprographic rights.

Lira is a self-governing, non-profit foundation. The board members are writers. Lira is a member of VOI©E, the branch association for CMOs in The Netherlands.

Lira is a member of the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC), as well as of the Society of Audiovisual authors (SAA) and an associate member of the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO).

Lira distributes remunerations for Dutch writers collected abroad and/or for foreign writers collected in The Netherlands on the basis of reciprocal or unilateral agreements. Lira has agreements with the following societies and welcomes any request from sister societies to enter into a (reciprocal) agreement via lira@cedar.nl:

Australia and New-Zealand – AWGACS
Belgium – SABAM & SACD      
Brasil – SBAT  
Canada – CSCS
Congo – Soneca
Germany – VG Wort & GEMA
England – ALCS & PLR
Estonia - EAU
France – SACD & SCAM & SOFIA        
Ireland – ICLA
Israel – ACUM 
Italy – SIAE    
Japan – WGJ
Norway – NORWACO  
Austria – Literar-Mechana       
Poland – ZAIKS & ZAPA
Portugal – SPA
Romania – CopyRO
Slovakia – LITA
Czech Republic – DILIA
VS – Authors Registry & WGA
Sweden – ALIS
Switzerland – ProLitteris & Suissimage

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